Winter Wheat Arkadia

Breeder: DANKO | Type: quality A
Prolific, winter-hardy, with low soil requirements!
  • large grain with very good quality parameters,
  • early variety, with tall straw (similar to Bogatka wheat) and good lodging resistance,
  • good resistance to soil acidity makes it suitable for cultivation on poorer soils,
  • extraordinary winter hardiness (6.0) and good tillering ability,
  • can be sown late after corn.
Important informations
Time of earingearly
Plant height [cm]102
TKW [g]47,7
Lodging resistancegood
Winter hardiness6,0 - very good
Soil requirementsfor all kinds of soils
Stem base diseases – complexgood
Powdery mildew – leafintermediate
Brown rustgood
Yellow rustintermediate
Tan spot (DTR)good
Septoria leaf blotchintermediate
Septoria husk blotchgood
Fusarium head blightgood
Source: COBORU
Sowing density

Optimal term: 360 - 390 seeds/m2