About us

About Top Farms Agro

Top Farms Agro is a major and renowned certified seed producer in Poland. We work with the best breeders of agricultural plants in Poland and in Europe. We understand farmers’ needs very well and for that reason, to address their requirements, we put in a lot of effort to obtain top-quality seed.

About us

Top Farms Agro is part of the Top Farms Group. It is a farming group owned by Spearhead International, which farms approx. 75,000 ha in Europe. Our knowledge and experience come from hands-on practice. We have a very good understanding of farmers’ needs because we are farmers, too.
We consistently pay attention to every detail: from quality of seed and dressing, to efficient logistics. As a result, Top Farms Agro has become a major seed company in Poland.
Top Farms Agro runs field trials and seed plantations all over Poland, as well as in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In this way, while mitigating the climate risk, Top Farms Agro gains invaluable knowledge about the viability and performance of different crop varieties in different regions of Poland.
Top Farms Agro also takes advantage of modern technologies, making for efficient seed cleaning and dressing processes, which in turn guarantee timely deliveries of top-quality seed.

Our vision and mission

Our roots are in farming and that is why we are keenly aware of the need for improving profitability in agriculture. We put our hearts into developing seed with the best possible technical parameters. We want to make sure that you obtain optimal crop quantity and quality. Because our knowledge is not limited merely to producing seed with desirable properties, we strive to give every Polish farmer an opportunity to grow plants from the best seed in Poland.
Our main objective is to make the best choices of seed from the best Polish and global breeders, which will guarantee consistent and reliable yields. The price of seed from Top Farms Agro always reflects its quality. There is no denying that your choices, too, contribute to improving the profitability of agricultural production and, consequently, the development of agriculture.

Quality at Top Farms Nasiona

Top Farms Nasiona stands for certified seed produced with utmost care. Once you open the bag, you can see that there is nothing but seed inside, and its bright red colour makes you want to start sowing at once. But beautiful appearance is not the only advantage to the farmer. So what else?

Seed health

Everyone who has worked in the field has encountered plant diseases and problems with seedling emergence. We hardly need to write about their consequences. The health of the crop is not just a matter of chemical treatments administered by the farmer. Not many people seem to be aware that diseases can also be carried by the seed. Seed health care measures at Top Farms Nasiona begin already at the stage of selecting fields for seed plantations. These are established exclusively in fields rotating after a potato and rapeseed harvest. Not even after corn. In this way, there is no risk of communicating diseases from the preceding crop, especially Fusarium blight. Moreover, breeder seed which is used to produce certified seed is treated with additional insecticide dressing. In the course of vegetation, the plantation is protected with an additional chemical treatment. Upon harvesting, the seed undergoes a cleaning process, going through six machines which effectively remove off-types and damaged seed – if any. After cleaning, the seed is treated with a high-quality dressing which protects the plant, from germination throughout its life cycle. The amount of dressing is strictly regulated by the batch seed dresser and then systematically monitored in Syngenta laboratories. Only after such preparation can Top Farms Nasiona seed end up in the farmer’s hands.
As you can see, seed health requires a lot of effort. And what is in it for the farmer?
• big uniform batches = simpler and cheaper to maintain
• healthy seedlings = consistent emergence along the row
• improved germination = more plants = higher yield
• reduced risk of disease in the course of vegetation
• savings on crop protection chemicals
• labour savings (fewer treatments also mean less time in the field)
• improved quality parameters of the grain = higher selling price

Seed purity

Who likes the look of a weed-infested field? Or seeing other crops or varieties emerging in the spring? Probably no-one. At Top Farms Nasiona, by establishing seed plantations only in fields rotating after potatoes and rapeseed, the risk of contamination with undesirable cereal species or varieties is practically zero. Plantations are subject to strict selection and qualification criteria. The machines are thoroughly cleaned and checked prior to sowing, harvesting and transport. At Top Farms Nasiona facilities, during the five-stage cleaning process, any plant residues, stones, dust as well as weed seeds are rejected. This is all possible because of our state-of-the-art equipment, including an optical sorter and specific gravity separators. Such a restrictive cleaning process means that even up to 30% of the material brought in from the field is rejected at the Top Farms Nasiona facility as off-type. As a result, when buying Top Farms Nasiona, the farmer gets only the seed of the given variety – free of any weeds, other crops, and most definitely stones, straw, etc. And what are the benefits of that?
• plantation purity = no need for selection = better, uniform material = higher selling price
• 50 kg of seed = 50 kg of seed and not 48 kg + 2 kg of waste and dust which will not germinate and may compromise the precision of sowing
• no dust = once dust is removed, the dressing sticks to the seed better and does not fall off in the packaging or during sowing
• yield improvement with such thorough seed cleaning may be up to 10%

Seed uniformity

In the seed cleaning process at Top Farms Nasiona, as described above, we also reject some healthy, live seeds which are nevertheless too small or too large. With uniform seed, sowing is much more precise, and seedling emergence consistent. As a result, the plantation is made up of uniform and even plants, which significantly facilitates cultivation, observation and administration of treatments. Finally, seed reaching maturity at one time provides for improved parameters and a higher yield.
As you can see, quality at Top Farms Nasiona is more than just the characteristics of the given variety that you can read about in the catalogue or on internet fora. Seed quality, irrespective of the variety, depends on a range of factors, which can maximise your benefit. So is it a good idea to look only at the variety and price when choosing seed? Or maybe it is better to also consider quality throughout the seed production process? Thousands of satisfied farmers who come back to Top Farms Nasiona year after year have already answered these questions.