Spring Wheat Tybalt

Breeder: Wiersum
Exquisite fecundity and healthiness!
  • Quality wheat – group A
  • Moderate-late variety
  • Short plants with stiff straw
  • Thick and well filled seed
Important informations
Heading datemoderately late
Plant heightshort
1000 seed weighthigh
Resistance to beating-downaverage
Mildew8,4very good
Leaf rust8,1very good
Septoria lesions on leaves6,9average
Head fusariosis7,4good
Sowing density
  • Optimal period: 350 - 450 seeds/m2

Tybalt, winter and spring wheat, class A, enlisted on the Dutch list of recommendations since 2004. Since its registration in Poland (2005) it continues to be the highest yielding variety of spring wheat (PDO). Tybalt wheat is undeniable success of Wiersum Plantbreeding – it currently constitutes 43% of the whole spring wheat market in Poland. Tybalt also holds an incredibly strong position in Western Europe, as it is recommended in UK, France and Germany. Tybalt is a reliable and wide-ranging variety – for many years it remains to be the no. 1 wheat on European market.