Winter Wheat Ostroga

Breeder: Danko | Type: quality A
  • The awned variety of wheat bred by DANKO.
  • High yielding potential all over the country, the highest one in all awned wheat varieties listed in Poland.
  • Quality variety – group A.
  • Very good winter hardiness – at the level of 5 on 9 grade scale (1 – the worst, 9 – the best).
  • Medium type of wheat, the shortest in all awned varieties.
  • The best lodging resistance in all awned varieties. However in intensive technology of cultivar requires using growth regulator.
  • Good resistance to fungal diseases.
  • Recommended seed rate in optimal sow term is about 380-400 germinant seeds per 1m2 (which is 180-200 kg/ha).


winter wheat