Winter Wheat RGT Metronom

Breeder: RAGT Semences | Type: quality A
Sets the pace in all conditions!
  • large grain with very high quality parameters and good uniformity,
  • high and very stable yields from year to year (matching the control levels throughout 2016–2018),
  • thrives under any conditions: drought – as in 2018, heavy rainfall – 2017, or frost – 2016,
  • high tolerance to soil acidity makes it suitable for all types of soils, with an option to sow in monoculture and after corn.
Important informations
Time of earinglate
Plant height [cm]90
TKW [g]48,2
Lodging resistancevery good
Winter hardiness4,5 – good
Soil requirementsfor all kinds of soils
Stem base diseases – complexvery good
Powdery mildew – leafvery good
Brown rustgood
Yellow rustvery good
Tan spot (DTR)good
Septoria leaf blotchgood
Septoria husk blotchgood
Fusarium head blightgood
Source: COBORU
Sowing density

Optimal term: 280 - 350 seeds/m2