Winter Wheat Comandor

Breeder: DANKO | Type: quality E/A
Excellent grain quality (E/A)!
  • high yielding potential: 103% (a1) and 102% (a2) of controls – COBORU 2016–2018,
  • record-high falling number and gluten content (at E-group level) plus high protein content,
  • very good winter hardiness and resistance to sprouting,
  • very good tillering – a suitable variety for delayed sowing.
Important informations
Time of earingmid-late
Plant height [cm]95
TKW [g]43,1
Lodging resistancegood
Winter hardiness4,5 – good
Soil requirementsfor medium and rich soils
Stem base diseases – complexvery good
Powdery mildew – leafvery good
Brown rustvery good
Yellow rustvery good
Tan spot (DTR)good
Septoria leaf blotchintermediate
Septoria husk blotchgood
Fusarium head blightgood
Source: COBORU
Sowing density

Optimal term: 320 - 360 seeds/m2