Winter Wheat Achim

Breeder: Saaten Union | Type: quality A
Yield and quality within your reach!
  • stable quality parameters,
  • high and stable yields combined with the best resistance package,
  • leading variety in terms of healthiness, especially resistant against mildew and yellow rust,
  • short straw – resistant to lodging,
  • low-maintenance – economic to grow.
Important informations
Time of earingmid-late
Plant height [cm]91
TKW [g]48
Lodging resistancegood
Winter hardiness4,0 – good
Soil requirementsfor medium and rich soils
Stem base diseases – complexintermediate
Powdery mildew – leafvery good
Brown rustvery good
Yellow rustvery good
Tan spot (DTR)good
Septoria leaf blotchintermediate
Septoria husk blotchvery good
Fusarium head blightgood
Source: BSA
Sowing density

Optimal term: 270 - 310 seeds/m2