Winter Rye SU Laurids F1

Breeder: Saaten Union | Type: hybrid
Turbo-hybrid with above-average yields!
  • improved ergot resistance,
  • very high yielding consistence, even on very dry soils,
  • supreme leaf health (brown rust and Rhynchosporium),
  • a longer kernel filling phase (early earing time allows for better use of water resources in spring),
  • highly suitable for milling/baking and feed purposes,
  • ideal for feeding pigs.
Important informations
Heading dateearly
Plant heightintermediate
1000 seed weightintermediate
Lodging resistanceintermediate
Soil requirementsfor all kind of soil
Powdery mildew – leafvery good
Brown rustgood
Septoria leaf blotchgood
Rhynchosporium (leaf scald)good/very good
Crown rustvery good
Source: BSA