Winter Rye Dańkowskie Agat

Breeder: DANKO | Type: population
Population rye variety in hybrid technology. Ideal for poorer soils. Good resistance to lodging and rye diseases.
  • short-strawed population rye variety, intended for grain purposes,
  • remarkable tillering ability, thrives at a low seeding rate – recommended seeding rates should be applied,
  • high resistance to foot diseases, powdery mildew and stem rust,
  • well-uniformed grain, with very good milling and baking quality,
  • yielding on a par with leading population rye varieties.
Important informations
Heading dateearly
Plant heightintermediate
1000 seed weightintermediate
Lodging resistancegood
Soil requirementsfor all kind of soil
Powdery mildew – leafvery good
Brown rustgood
Septoria leaf blotchintermediate
Stem base diseases – complexvery good
Rhynchosporium (leaf scald)good
Crown rustgood
Snow moldgood
Source: COBORU