Winter Barley Padura

Breeder: IGP (SZ Streng) | Type: 2-row
Convincing large grain!
  • leading 2-row winter barley variety,
  • excellent quality and stable yields,
  • wide range of resistance to all major barley diseases, especially barley dwarf rust,
  • high grain quality – with the highest protein content – number 1 in COBORU 2018 registration studies,
  • very good winter hardiness.
Important informations
Time of earingintermediate
Plant heightintermediate
TKW [g]55,5
Lodging resistancevery good
Winter hardinessgood
Soil requirementsfor all kinds of soils
Snow moldvery good
Powdery mildew – leafintermediate
Net blotchvery good
Leaf rust (barley)very good
Rhynchosporium (leaf scald)very good
Spot blotchvery good
Source: COBORU and BSA
Sowing density

Optimal term: 320 - 360 seeds/m2