Spring Wheat Harenda

Breeder: MHR
The solid lider in crops!
  • early-middle heading,
  • very good technical grain`s parameters (class A/B), high 1000 seed weight, good grain unoformity, high bulk density,
  • medium high plant with very high lodging resistance (8,5 on a 9-point scale)
  • high resistance to diseases: particularly stem base diseases and brown rust, powdery mildew, husk septoria, head fusariosis, leaf septoria and leaf spot brown diseases,
  • middle soil requirements,
  • high tolerance to soil acidity
  • adjustable sowing time, also for late autumn sowing.
Important informations
Heading dateearly-middle
Plant height [cm]91
1000 seed weight [g]40,9
Maturity timemiddle-late
Lodging resistancevery good
Soil requirementsmedium
Powdery mildewgood
Brown rustvery good
Leaf septoriagood
Husk septoriagood
Head fusariosisgood
Stem base diseasesvery good
Sowing density

Optimal period: 450 seeds/m2

Amazing yield all other the Poland!