Spring Barley Quench

Breeder: DANKO
Unbeatable yielding and remarkable quality!
  • Quench is brewing barley.
  • It shows top yielding in the quality research.
  • The leaves show excellent healthiness (especially resistance to powdery mildew and rynchosporium).
  • Quench has got very favourable straw qualities.
  • It recommended for all barley cultivation regions in Poland.
  • The variety has short straw with high dense stand and good resistance to lodging.
  • Due to its low protein content and good resistance to lodging, an intensive production technology can be applied.
  • Sowing lasts from the beginning until the end of March. In order to ensure high yielding, a possibly early sowing is recommended.
  • With regard to excellent resistance to lodging and in case of regular dense stand development, growth regulator may be reduced or not used at all.
  • With regard to very good resistance to fungal diseases and in case of low disease pressure, only one treatment may ensure protection of good yielding and quality. Such treatment should be applied during 39/49 stages on the BBCH-scale, from flag leaf unrolling until flag leaf sheath opening. In case of high disease pressure, two treatments should be applied – the first one during 31-32 stages on the BBCH-scale (1 node at least 1 cm above tillering node until node 2 at least 2 cm above node 1) and the second one during 69-71 stages on the BBCH-scale (the end of April until watery ripe stage: first grains have reached half their final size).
Important informations
Heading datemoderately late
Plant heightshort
1000 seed weightaverage
Resistance to beating-downgood
Mildew8,0very good
Net spot7,0good
Barley leaf rust7,0good
Black spot7,0good
Sowing density

Optimal period: 300 - 350 seeds/m2