Winter Wheat Bohemia

Breeder: Selgen | Type: quality A
Very good Winter-hardiness
High level of yielding
Perfect quality of seeds
  • early variety of high baking quality
  • long stalk
  • high yielding level
  • for all types of soils
  • field of moderate density
  • very good winter-hardiness (8 in 9-point scale, according to Czech scale)

Most popular type A winter wheat in Czech Republic, of extremely high yielding. It is characterised by very good milling-baking qualities, as well as good winter hardiness. Recommended in normal crop rotation on most types of soils.

The main Czech plant breeder – Selgen Company, created Bohemia wheat variety. It was registered in Czech Republic in 2007. From that moment it achieved the highest position as far as all other varieties are concerned. Farmers especially appreciate this unique combination of two features crucial for Central Europe – high resistance to frost and abundant yielding. Other varieties usually have just one of these features. If we also add good resistance to diseases and good wintering conditions in the year 2011/2012, we can assume that as far as Czech Republic is concerned, Bohemia will be enumerated among the most popular wheat types for a long, long time. Bohemia is successfully cultivated “after wheat”.


  • quality wheat (group A)
  • high protein content
  • high and stable falling number
  • large seed, more than 51 g



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