Spring Wheat Arabella

Breeder: DANKO
For weak soils and much more!
  • Wheat of extremely good quality parameters (E/A group)
  • Reveals high yielding level within the whole territory of Poland
  • Tolerates slight soil acidification, and this makes it suitable for cultivation on older soils
  • This is a very early variety – perfect for mixtures with barley, as well as ideal for cultivation on weak soils
  • ARABELLA has the highest resistance to seed shattering
  • Winter and spring variety – suitable for late autumn sowing
Important informations
Heading dateearly
Plant heightaverage
1000 seed weightaverage
Resistance to beating-downaverage
Mildew8,3very good
Leaf rust7,3good
Septoria lesions on leaves6,6average
Head fusariosis7,5good
Sowing density

Optimal period: 400 - 450 seeds/m2