Winterweizen RGT Metronom

Züchter: RAGT Semences | Typ: quality A
Sets the pace in all conditions!
  • large grain with very high quality parameters and good uniformity,
  • high and very stable yields from year to year (matching the control levels throughout 2016–2018),
  • thrives under any conditions: drought – as in 2018, heavy rainfall – 2017, or frost – 2016,
  • high tolerance to soil acidity makes it suitable for all types of soils, with an option to sow in monoculture and after corn.
Wichtige landwirtschaftliche Nutzeigenschaften
Time of earinglate
Plant height [cm]90
TKW [g]48,2
Lodging resistancevery good
Winter hardiness4,5 – good
Soil requirementsfor all kinds of soils
Stem base diseases – complexvery good
Powdery mildew – leafvery good
Brown rustgood
Yellow rustvery good
Tan spot (DTR)good
Septoria leaf blotchgood
Septoria husk blotchgood
Fusarium head blightgood
Source: COBORU

Optimal term: 280 - 350 seeds/m2