Winterweizen Delawar

Züchter: Syngenta | Typ: quality A
An excellent combination of yield, quality and healthiness properties!
  • quality wheat (A-group) with a high yielding potential at the level of B-group varieties,
  • excellent resistance to leaf diseases and special resistance to Fusarium head blight,
  • relatively short plants, with strong lodging resistance.
Wichtige landwirtschaftliche Nutzeigenschaften
Time of earingmid-late
Plant height [cm]86
TKW [g]40,6
Lodging resistancevery good
Winter hardiness4,0– good
Soil requirementsfor medium and rich soils
Stem base diseases – complexvery good
Powdery mildew – leafvery good
Brown rustvery good
Yellow rustvery good
Tan spot (DTR)very good
Septoria leaf blotchgood
Septoria husk blotchvery good
Fusarium head blightvery good

Optimal term: 280 - 320 seeds/m2