About us

Top Farms Agro Has its origins in Top Farms company group. This is a farmer group being a part of Spearhead International, managing 75 000 ha of land in Europe. Our knowledge and experience come directly from our practice. We perfectly understand the needs farmers have, since we are one of them. We consequently care for each and every detail: from the quality of seeds, through utilized mortars, to efficient logistics. Due to the above, Top Farms Argo became a significant seeding company on the Polish market. Top Farms Argo conducts experiments and reproductive cultivations all over Poland, as well as in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Apart from reducing the climate risk, Top Farms Argo also gains ideal knowledge concerning the possibility to use particular variations in various areas of Poland. The advantage of Top Farms Argo lies in using modern technologies, rationalizing the process of seed purification and rendering, and hence ensuring timely deliveries of highest quality seeds.

Vision and mission

We are deeply seated in agricultural tradition; therefore we can more clearly see the necessity to improve profitability of individual farmer. We put our hearts into efforts to obtain seeding material characterized by the best possible technical qualities. Our company desires to guarantee certainty in obtaining proper volume and quality of your yield. Because we know so much more than just how to plant the seed, which will bring desired benefits, our goal is to create a situation when individual Polish farmer shall have a chance to cultivate plants from bet seeds in Poland.

Our main goal is to obtain optimal selection of seeding material from the best Polish and global breeders, which guarantees stability and certainty of yielding. Price of seeds from Top Farm Argo always reflects their quality. Undeniably, your selection increases the profitability of agricultural production and hence the development of agriculture.